Steam Oil Presentation at CMG's European Reservoir Simulation Technology Seminar

Steam Oil's Technical Director Greg Harding presented our work on the thermal reservoir simulation of a steam flood of the Pilot oilfield at CMG's European Reservoir Simulation Technology Seminar which was held at the Royal Institution on the 5th of November 2015.

CMG is the world’s leading independent supplier of reservoir simulation technologies and regularly hosts seminars at which their users can share knowledge and their experience of using CMG's software to simulate complex reservoir processes. 

We have used CMG's STARS thermal reservoir simulator to predict the likely production profiles and steam requirements for a number of representative sectors of the Pilot field, which has enabled us to make an assessment of the viability of a steam flood project on the Pilot field. We also used CMG's semi-analytical model to predict the heat losses from the wellbore during steam injection and were pleasantly surprised with the results.

A PDF copy of the presentation is available here, or you can watch a video of the presentation below.