Stephen Brown - Chairman and CEO

  • Petroleum engineer with over thirty five years of experience with BP, Halliburton, Challenge Energy, Petrofac and Setanta Energy.

  • Commercial, project development and operational background.

  • Led Harding pre-project team for BP and was the first Andrew operations manager.

  • Founder of Challenge Energy (now part of SLR), Exile Resources (now Oando Energy Resources), Setanta Energy and Pharis Energy Ltd.

Greg Harding – Technical Director

  • Chartered engineer with over thirty years of experience as a petroleum and reservoir engineer.

  • Broad oil and gas industry experience including offshore production operations, reservoir development planning, feasibility studies, asset evaluation and joint venture asset management.

  • BG, Gaffney Cline, Union Texas, Kerr McGee, Challenge Energy & Setanta Energy.

Alan Hume – Chief Financial Officer

  • A highly expert and experienced CFO with a diverse background in the oil and gas exploration and production sector as well as the broader energy market.

  • Held senior finance, commercial and operational roles in the oilfield services, engineering, construction and energy production sectors.

  • Significant experience with both private equity backed companies and publicly listed entities.

  • A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

  • Halliburton, Brown & Root, Rockwater, Xtract Energy plc, Elko, Zenith Energy, Edison Mission Energy.

Joe Darby - Non-Executive Director

  • Former Chief Executive of LASMO plc.

  • Previously with Shell Petroleum before becoming Managing Director of Thomson North Sea Ltd. He has held a number of senior roles in the oil & gas business.

  • Mr Darby is currently a Non-Executive director at Gulfsands Petroleum plc and was the senior independent director at Premier Oil plc for six years.

  • He has held non-executive roles at Alkane Energy plc, Nordaq Energy plc, British Nuclear Fuels plc, Mowlem plc, Bowleven plc and Centurion Energy Inc.

  • He was Chairman of Mowlem plc (2005-2006) and Faroe Petroleum plc (2003-2007) and an advisor to the board of Setanta Energy (2011-2013).

Maurice Bamford – Exploration & Geoscience Manager

  • Geologist with almost 30 years experience in academia, BP, Robertson’s Research International, Talisman Energy, & EnQuest

  • Strong background in technical assurance, exploration, appraisal, evaluations, and structural geology

  • Exploration & Geoscience Manager for EnQuest and Talisman Energy UK